The Novels

contemporary fiction set in 1969

In 1969, at its peak the United States had over half a million troops in Vietnam and was still calling for more. The average age of an infantry man was 22. All men between the ages of 19 to 26 were eligible to be drafted for a service requirement of a twelve month tour of duty. Some young men did not want to end up counted among the tens of thousands who had already been shipped home in body bags. David was one of those draftees who decided Canada might be a better option. On his way to Nova Scotia he meets the girl of his dreams. Charity is on the run from her own nightmare.

David’s plans get interrupted when he learns that his younger brother Andy is also on the run. Andy is in trouble and the subject of a nationwide manhunt involving the murder of a local high school beauty. David must make some hard decisions that question all the values he ever believed in, things like family, loyalty, friendship, and even the cost of freedom. In many ways, the late 1960s in America was a very turbulent time, but perhaps in so many ways it was also A TIME FOR CHARITY.

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contemporary fiction about a Jesuit priest

A modern day Jesuit, filled with self-doubt and guilt, finds himself accompanying his 98 year-old grandfather’s body on a train from Nova Scotia to its final resting place in Kentucky. The ghost of his grandfather seems to challenge him along every mile of track, making him question his values and life choices. It was bad enough that the old man’s last confession included a double murder — without remorse. The priest is further challenged by an extraordinary woman who becomes his traveling companion. Not only does she threaten to steal his heart, but she also has a mysterious connection to his grandfather.

Old Frank Martin had so many secrets his grandson never knew about, including an illegitimate daughter and a fortune in diamonds. As the journey continues, more and more of those secrets are revealed, as the old man’s story unfolds. From rural Kentucky to New York City in the Roaring Twenties, to rum running in Nova Scotia, old Frank’s adventures were legendary. Driven to madness by his single-minded quest for revenge, his darkest secret remained buried for nearly eighty years in a remote Kentucky landscape BENEATH THE WALNUT GROVE.

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contemporary fiction about a modern David and Goliath story

Moira Sullivan has witnessed much in her short life — more than enough of the violence and death and craziness that seem to follow her. From the worn-torn streets of her Belfast home to the drug scenes of East London, San Francisco, and Malibu of the 1970s, everything and everyone she ever loved has been taken from her. Like driftwood tossed upon a stormy sea, she finally finds herself washed up on a shore that promises peace and redemption. She finds herself called to the contemplative life of a small band of monks who have turned their backs on the modern world, seeking God in stillness.

But even in the backwoods of Nova Scotia, in a retreat so remote from the outside world that it could not be found on any map, that peace and stillness is shattered. To JP McDonald, business tycoon and billionaire, this handful of rag-tag religious fanatics is not about to tell him what to do. He has every right to log those woods. And that green-eyed, red-haired, disillusioned media darling is more Celtic witch than angel. Her death will simply be seen as a hunting accident. What JP didn’t count on was one Sean Sullivan, a one-man army on the British IRA most wanted list, whose death was never confirmed. Would Moira’s brother arrive before it was too late? Or would this world still harbor Too Few Angels?

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