contemporary fiction about a modern David and Goliath story

TOO FEW ANGELS is the extraordinary story of an ordinary Irish girl. From the war-torn streets of Belfast to the crazy drug scenes of East London and San Francisco of the 1970s, Moira Sullivan had seen more of the dark side of life than any young girl should. And it seemed that the more she risked, the more she lost. For every new blessing bestowed upon her by the hand of Grace, it seemed that the cruel hand of Fate took delight in crushing her joy. But like the mythical Phoenix, her spirit would rise again and again.

At the darkest night of her soul, Moira was introduced to a man who would change her life, but in a way she never anticipated. She found herself called to the contemplative life of a small band of monks who had turned their backs on the modern world, seeking God in stillness. It took many years, but eventually, after settling down with them in a retreat so remote from the outside world that it could not be found on any map, Moira found contentment.

Unfortunately, even in the backwoods of Nova Scotia, trouble would eventually find her, and shatter her peace. Despite his billions, business tycoon JP McDonald had refused to budge on the one-mile buffer zone requested by the monks. Absolutely necessary to preserving their way of life and the retreat they offered to all who sought solace at the monastery, their pleas fell on deaf ears. Although a mere drop within the vast acreage of McDonald’s logging operations, it was the principle of the matter. Who the hell was this handful of rag-tag religious fanatics to tell him what to do?

It was the last straw when that green-eyed, red-haired, disillusioned media darling and "Celtic witch" decided to chain herself to that pine tree. It was easy enough to arrange a bullet between her eyes. And in those woods it would not be that hard to pass it off as a "hunting accident." What JP didn’t count on was one Sean Sullivan, a one-man army on the British IRA most wanted list, whose death was never confirmed. Would Moira’s brother arrive before it was too late? Most importantly, could the Phoenix rise from the ashes one last time?


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